Last Thursday at North Bar and Kitchen we had the great pleasure of hosting UFitStudio’s ‘Dine on a Diet’ with Joe Hanney, in partnership with Niche Magazine.

Joe Hanney is an award-winning ‘Performance and Change Specialist’ who founded the UFitStudio, and created the ‘Dine on a Diet’ events to educate diners on how to eat out whilst maintaining a healthy diet.

‘Dine on a Diet’ has been carried out in four Leicester restaurants, and Thursday’s event at North Bar and Kitchen was a roaring success! We provided a five-course taster menu of British food with a European twist, which was big on taste, but also healthy and nutritious. 

Our guests were greeted by a welcoming drink of Orange Blossom Gin Fizz as they entered the restaurant (where a non-alcoholic option was also available.) Then they were invited to dine with us, whilst Joe Hanney took centre stage, explaining each dish, their nutritional values and the cooking techniques used.

We provided a menu for both meat eaters and vegetarians, but we also had one vegan dining with us. We simply made a few last-minute alterations to the menu that were no problem at all for our very experienced chef/owner, Joanna. For instance, for the tagine sauce, instead of the egg whites normally used, Joanna used the chickpea water to add flavour to the dish, and our guest was extremely impressed.

She commented that it was: “the most exciting food I’ve eaten this year. Thank you. P.S. dessert was phenomenal!” The dessert was our citrus polenta cake, which many of our guests admitted they would not have chosen on a menu. Afterwards, however, we received a tremendous amount of positive feedback for the cake – they had no idea that such a healthy option could have tasted so good!

At North Bar and Kitchen, we are constantly surprising our customers with our ability to cater to all sorts of dietary requirements. One of the main purposes of ‘Dine on a Diet’ is to relieve social pressure on dieters who wish to dine out with friends. At North, there’s no reason to feel guilty or feel that you are being difficult by asking for specific alterations to our dishes.

We can make all of our dishes gluten or dairy free with no trouble at all, as we cook everything from scratch and fresh on the day. If you call us for a booking and know that you or some of your party have any such requirements, just let us know and we can make the arrangements. And even if you’re simply walking in to the restaurant on any given night, we can still accommodate for you, despite the short notice.

Just take a look at what some of ‘Dine on a Diet’ guests thought of our food, and if you’re tempted to try it out yourselves then call us on 01162255961.

‘Dine on a Diet’ Reviews:


“I am so impressed with the whole experience, the quality of the food was out of this world, the atmosphere was so welcoming and every member of staff had a smile. Thank you for such a lovely night, I will be back!”

“Lovely friendly staff. thought the soup was particularly impressive and the welcoming drink really well balanced”

“Amazing food! The tuna was PERFECT!!”

“The best Dine on a Diet event by far overall. Great tasting menu with brilliant service and atmosphere! Most recommended.”

“Well saved til last, the finest food, served and cooked in style. Freshness and quality really shone through. Well done and thank you for a great evening tantalising the tastebuds. You now have a customer for life.”

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