This November, the UK’s largest gin festival is coming to Leicester!

At North, we’re pretty partial to a drop of gin from time to time, and we have a rather extensive collection of our own gins that have been gaining quite a reputation lately!

“Go for the gin. They have an array of flavours from various origins. Bartenders knows what they are talking about and will help you select a gin based on your tastes.” – Sajal

“Two of us arrived first and asked for 2 gin and tonics. They have 20 types of gin! We were in our element – we had a gin board (and then another when the others arrived)” – Sarah

“Large selection of gins and rums, with the staff only too happy to recommend, try the rhubarb gin with orange liquer.” – Andrew

“They have an excellent selection of drinks and if you are a gin lover, this is the place for you” – Rosie

Pleasing gin-lovers is easy of course, but we also believe that we can convert the gravest of gin-haters! With our bar staff’s knowledge and our excellent range of mixers and accompaniments, you will discover a taste that you’d never have imagined, and a combination to best suit your palate.

We’ve been told that we’re pretty unique to Leicester, being home to 20 different types of gin! All of our gins can be ordered individually or on our custom-designed gin tasting boards. It’s £25 for four glasses of high-quality gin and mixers, plus a good natter with the bartender while you sip!